Caveman Chess



About Our Chess Studio

Our beautiful chess studio has been the home to some of Illinois best chess teams, including three national champions.  The studio provides room for an average class of 12, with extra space available if needed.  Our facilities include a white board and a demo board for lectures, along with the ability to lecture using ChessBase on a 55"high density television monitor.

The studio is well-lit, heated and cooled, and very clean and dry.  A restroom is available directly off the studio.  Our studio is located in our home, and there are (friendly) dogs in the home - a warning to those who may have allergies.

Standard Seating for Lessons

Our studio has standard seating for 10, and can easily accommodate up to 14.  Additional room is available for small tournaments, up to about 30.

We also have an additional home office available that we sometimes use for one - to - one or smaller group lessons.

Electronic Facilities

We have excellent electronic facilities to cover games in ChessBase or to use other Internet tools, or to occasionally use pre-recorded sources of audio and video.

Reference Sources

Our chess library contains over 1,000 reference sources.  We also have full access to the Internet, and games databases exceeding 5 million games.

What Should Students Bring?

Students should typically have their scorebook, chess set, clock, a pencil/pen, and any games they want to go over.  Games on media cards or thumb drives can be accessed.