Caveman Chess



Our Qualifications

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Cavemanchess has extensive qualifications as a firm, inclusive of the qualifications of our permanent associates.

Strong Skills

As you can see by examining the skills and expertise of our associates Cavemanchess brings a strong skillset to the table.

We have over 35 years of chess teaching experience, and have been organizing chess tournaments and clubs since 1971.  More recently (since the mid-1990's) we have 15 years of organizing chess camps, excursions, tournaments, and chess instruction.

Partners Selected With Care

One key to our qualifications is the standards we maintain when we work with others.  For many years, we were chess parents.  When we approach business relationships, we often approach those relationships thinking about the concerns we had as chess parents, and what we would like to see from coaches, tournament directors, etc.  So, when we think about what we should do as a chess organizer/coach, we really have YOU in mind.

Some of our partners over the years have included:

  • GM Gregory Kaidanov
  • GM Gregory Serper
  • GM Dmitry Gurvevich
  • GM Yury Shulman
  • GM Igor Novikov
  • GM Sergei Kudrin
  • GM Alex Onischuk
  • GM Alex Wojtkiewicz (deceased)
  • IM Irina Krush
  • IM John Bartholomew
  • IM Jon Schroer
  • FM Aviv Friedman
  • FM Albert Chow
  • SM David Penkalski
  • NM Ken Wallach
  • NM Steve Szpisjak
  • NTD Tim Just
  • NTD Wayne Clark
  • ANTD & Dr. Chris Merli
  • IM Josh Manion - who got me started in chess camps