Caveman Chess



Tournament Directing and Organizing

Our tournament organizing and directing experience dates back to 1971.  We have organized and directed tournamnets ranging from as few as four people to several hundred people.  Our experience includes both scholastic and open events, and includes venues such as schools, libraries, colleges and hotels.

We can work with you with respect to organizing and/or directing a tournament in three ways:

  • You may hire us as a consultant to assist you in organizing and/or directing the event
  • You may hire us to organize and/or direct the event for you
  • You may ask us to partner with you in organizing/directing the event

Financial arrangements for directing and organizing vary depending upon circumstances, including items such as:

  • Will we be designing the event?
  • Will we be handling tournament announcements, promotion, flyers, etc?
  • Will we be choosing and negotiating for the site?
  • Will we handle the pre-entries?
  • How many rounds and sections will the tournament have?
  • Will we have assistants, and if so will we be responsible for finding the assistants?
  • Et cetera, et cetera, etc cetera

We hold Senior TD status, and use primarily WinTD although we can also use SwissSys.

Please contact us for more information.