Dorm Hints


The dorms are clean and quiet. Some of the dorms have their own semi-private bathroom and shower, and some have community bathrooms. There are a limited number with the semi-private arrangement (two people in the room share the bath) so we ask that those that don’t require a private arrangement please “make-do” with the community bath. Those baths do have individualized bathroom stalls and shower stalls, its just a community bathroom. During the camp, generally adults will be given access to the semi-private bath, youth will have separate boys and girls community baths.

It IS a dorm, but is above average compared to other dorms we've reviewed when checking out other potential chess camp sites.

There are some things that we suggest to people to make themselves more comfortable, perhaps even more so if you are older. These are not necessary, but may be useful.

1. A small sprayer of Fabreze or plug in air freshener may be helpful

2. The dorm rooms have individual air conditioning. But it can get a little chilly at night. If you are able to bring an extra blanket, you'll probably be happier unless you like it cooler when sleeping.

3. An extra pillow increases my comfort in the dorms

4. A small "throw" blanket to use as a mattress pad also increases comfort.

Additionally, here are some things that are necessary:

  • The showers are fine. Bring a travel size body wash - easiest if it can also be used as a shampoo.

  • You may want plastic "flip flops" for the showers.

  • It's not living high on the hog, but its clean.

We typically have a few players over age 60 and sometimes over age 70 or age 80 at the camp. I haven't had any of them tell me the dorm is uncomfortable for their week stay for the camp.