U.S. Chess Membership Voucher (Group Rate)


U.S. Chess Membership Voucher (Group Rate)


This is a membership voucher provided by US Chess as part of a group membership purchase by Caveman Chess, which is designed to make US Chess membership more affordable for large groups, such as schools and the organizations that work with them. Caveman Chess, has pre-purchased membership vouchers which you may in turn purchase and activate. By taking the risk of purchasing 300 vouchers, the cost is lowered to $9 per voucher, plus a $1 processing fee that covers credit card processing and website fees including minimal programming costs.

You must be within a month of your US Chess expiration date, or a former member, or a first time member in any grade through grade 12 to use the voucher. To activate the voucher, you will go to the US Chess website at https://secure2.uschess.org/voucher/voucher.php to enter voucher and personal information and update your membership.

For more information - see “Additional Information” below.

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Additional Information

How Doe the Voucher Work?

Caveman Chess purchased a block of memberships at $9.00 each. We will then assign those memberships to students (through grade 12) who pay for the vouchers here. Per US Chess rules, we charge the same price for the vouchers as we paid. We also charge a $1 fee to cover PayPal and Squarespace fees, and also website time and expense. The voucher you purchase can be redeemed online for a one-year US Chess membership if you are not a current member, or if you are within one month of your membership expiring.

Who is eligible to be part of a Group Membership Plan ?

Group Membership Plans are designed for all school age groups through 12th grade, but are restricted to residents of the United States. Also, you must not currently be a member, or must be within one month of your membership expiring.

What benefits do members in a Group Membership Plan receive?

Group Members receive all the benefits of US Chess membership except for printed magazines. They will have online access to both Chess Life and Chess Life for Kidsthrough the US Chess website. (Separate website registration required.)

Can former US Chess members be part of a Group Membership Plan?

Yes, providing they meet other membership eligibility requirements. Also, someone whose US Chess membership will expire in the next few weeks may be renewed as a member of a Group Membership plan.

Who takes care of redeeming the voucher?

You, or your parents, coach or teacher. We will email the voucher code to you within 3 days of your purchase (usually same day) along with instructions for redeeming it.

How long is a voucher valid for?

The vouchers are valid for nine months. Each membership is good for 12 months from the time of the activation of the voucher.

What information is required to redeem a voucher?

If the individual is a current or former US Chess member, you will need their 8 digit US Chess Member ID. You will also need the member's full name, mailing address, sex, and birthdate. We also ask that you give us the member's current grade in school. An email address is not strictly required but if available is very important to ensure that the member receives the full benefits of his or her US Chess membership, including registration for the US Chess website.

Does redeeming a voucher cost anything?

No, the voucher has already been paid for.