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We provide unique and professional chess instruction, tournaments, and related chess services and chess products to adults and youth.

Our quality chess instruction is provided through lessons and seminars to individuals, groups, and organizations, face-to-face or online.  Our proven methods focus on helping the whole individual develop - not just the chess player.  Although not everyone can be a champion, we have coached many National and State chess champions and team champions.  You can read about our successes here.

What Sets Us Apart

You can click on links in our menu to the left to learn more about us, but here are some quick key points:

  • We focus on the entire person - not on just a chess player
  • We have over 35 years of coaching experience
  • We have the only coach with both the FIDE Trainer and USCF Professional Chess Coach certifications
  • We have Illinois' ONLY USCF Professional Chess Coach certification
  • Not everyone can be a state or national champ -- but we've developed many
  • We focus on the classics and on fundamentals -- no shortcuts
  • We teach because we love chess - not because we must

Some of Kevin Bachler's Key Qualifications

  • FIDE Master
  • FIDE Trainer
  • USCF Original Life Master, USCF Life Master, USCF National Master
  • USCF Certified Professional Chess Coach (Level V)
  • From 1995 - 2007 (last year of active school coaching) coached 12 State Championship teams, 9 State Champion individuals, 3 National Championship Teams, and 7 National Championship top 5 finishes.
  • Core team members during that period had varied interests, including competitive swimming, soccer, baseball, hockey, weightlifting and all core team members have gone on to college seeking degrees in a broad range of topics including engineering, computers, accounting, audiology, vocal performance, biology and other areas.
  • See other website areas on Selecting a Chess Coach, Our Qualifications, and Our Staff for additional information.

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Upcoming Tournaments

May 20-21: Illinois High School Individual and Medley Championship


Chess Lessons

For information on individual lessons and rates, read the entire page at Individual and Group Lessons

Information on new classes will be coming shortly.

Chess Camps

St. Olaf Chess Camp! "OleChess"

OleChess Facebook page

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