Any tournaments scheduled will be listed on the Events page.

Training Tournaments

Training tournaments may be held over one day, or might be held one round per week at the same time each week, over a period of several weeks. In these tournaments, games will be reviewed so that students can look for immediate feedback on their play.

One-Day Tournaments

These events can be of a few different types, but typically will look one of the following three designs:

  1. Swiss System, 3 rounds, G/60,d5

  2. Swiss System, 4 rounds, G/40,d5

  3. Round Robin, 4 like rated players, G/60,d5

In both systems (Swiss or Round Robin) - no one is eliminated - they play all the scheduled games.

Two/Three-Day Tournaments

These tournaments will generally be more serious, with longer time controls, probably no less than an average of two minutes per move, with delay or increment. There will general five to seven rounds during the tournament.